Clay-Braxton Parents as Teachers

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Parent Educators: Director/Supervisor

Karen Vaughan has been with the Parents as Teachers Progran since 1996 in Clay County. She is currently supervising and directing the program.


Karen Vaughan

Cindy Watkins has been a parent educator since 2000 and is currently The Lead Parent Educator. She is seeing 17 families.

Cindy Watkins

Carla Truman has been a parent Educator since 2014 and is currently seeing 19 Clay County Families.

Carla Truman

Lisa Craddock has been a parent educator since February 2016. Lisa is serving 19 families from Clay and Braxton Counties.
Lisa Craddock

Joanna James has been a parent educator since March 2017. She is currently serving 10 families in Clay and Braxton County.