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About Us

The Parents as Teachers Mission

To provide all parents with research-based child development information, guidance, assistance, and family support to encourage the development of young children.

The Parents as Teachers Vision:

All children will learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential.

Independent evaluations show Parents as Teachers works!

At age 3 children are significantly more advanced in language, social development, problem solving and other cognitive abilities than comparison children
Score higher on kindergarten readiness tests and on standardized measures of achievement in early grades

Parents as Teachers parents:

Are more involved in their children’s schooling.
Are more confident in their parenting role and read more to their children.

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Parents as Teachers – A program for families with children from the prenatal stage of life to six years of age or Kindergarten Entry. This program provides information and ideas for activities to enhance your child’s development, information for age appropriate behavior, developmental screenings and family support through monthly home or center based visits utilizing the nationally accredited Foundational curriculum. Enroll your child today!

Monthly  Play Groups – Families with children from the walking stage of life to Kindergarten Entry enjoy an hour of play time and socialization, story time, and  music.

Monthly Group Meetings – Topics regarding child development, healthy lifestyles and safety issues are discussed in a group setting with fun family activities.

Developmental Screenings - Screenings are provided upon entrance to the program and then once a year on the child’s birthday. Screenings are good for detecting strengths and weaknesses in a child’s development. When red flags are detected referrals are made to an Early Intervention Program for further evaluation and treatment if needed in order to insure Kindergarten readiness.

Our Program has been in Clay County since 1996, starting with 2 part time parent educators Loretta (Conley) Brady and Karen Vaughan. Working up to full time with more families than we could serve. In 2000 Cindy Watkins joined us, and in 2014 we added Carla Truman. Lisa Craddock  joined us in February of 2016  and our newest parent educator is Joanna Joames who joined us in 2017.
  Karen  has been named supervisor of the program and is no longer seeing families. Cindy, Carla, Lisa and Joanna are  serving all of Clay County and limited areas in Braxton County. We are currently serving teenage mothers & pregnant teens at our local high school. Reaching these teenagers during school hours  has been a major success for the Parents as Teachers Program. We are letting these teenagers know the importance of a good diet, what to expect during delivery, what to prepare for after the baby arrives home, etc. They are forming a bond between each other, knowing that they are not the only ones going through this, sharing their struggles and happy times as well.



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