What is In-Home Family Education?

Being a parent is a tough job!

All parents can use a little bit of help to raise happy and healthy children. In-Home Family Education is a program that provides this help to families with young children in their home. You can participate at no cost, and the staff will come to your home, or wherever you feel most comfortable. In-Home Family Education provides caring and suportive programs to families in almost half of all West Virginia counties. The goal is to improve child health, increase school readiness and give you the information and support you need to make parenting decisions.

What do In-Home Family Educators do?

In-Home Family Educators provide:

  • information on healthy pregnancies, child development and other parenting topics
  • a listening ear and shoulder to lean on
  • linking you and your child to health care during pregnancy and after birth
  • connection to other services in the community that can help you and your family
  • opportunities to meet other parents of young children at group meetings